Sunday, 23 October 2016

Recent Interview Questions (24/10/16)

 Recent Interview Questions (24/10/16)

1. Tell me about your previous experiences and projects?
2. Explain me about Your recent project?
3.What is the difference between regression and retesting?
4.What is smoke and sanity?
5.What are the techniques you follow to write test cases?
6.What is the process u follow in your Project?
7.What is the defect tracking tool u use?
8.Explain the agile process?
9.How do u write the test cases for gmail application?
10.What are the testing  types  your involved in?
11,As a QA what's your role in the project?
12.Do u perform White box testing?
13.Are u involved in preparing test plan?
14.Do u have any idea on cognos?
15.Do u have any Questions for me?
16.Why negative testing is important?
17.How do u ensure that 100 percent test coverage is done?
18.How negative testing is useful?
19.What if there are still open defects in RTM do u say 100 percent testing coverage is done?
20.Do u involve in preparing RTM?
21.What is RTM?
22. If u have less time and have too many test cases to cover then what would u do?
23.Do u have any questions for me?


1.Tell me something about urself?
2.Explain me the previous experience u have ?
3.What is ur role as QA?
4.How close do u work with developer?
5.What is the process used in ur project?
6.Do u have knowledge on java/selenium?
7.Y did u choose to be QA (tester)?
8.Explain me the current project?
9.Is there any particular reason for ur job change?
10.Do u have any questions for me?


1.whats Your last project?
2.What is the expected CTC?
3.When can u join the Organisation?
4.How well can  u manage learning and working with new technology?
5.whats Your interest in learning the new technology?
General discussion on salary  and the previous company and CTC

Monday, 12 September 2016

Manual Testing Interview Questions - 01

Manual Testing Interview Questions - 01

1.     What is Test execution?
2.     How to execute Test cases?
3.     What is the outcome of Test execution?
4.     How to execute Test cases by using QC?
5.     How to log the defect?
6.     Explain defect life cycle?
7.     Explain defect reports?
8.     Explain Metrics?
9.     Explain differences between Priority vs Severity?
10.What are the reasons for raising Invalid defects?
11.What do you mean by Root cause Analysis?
12.What are the fields required to close the defect?
13.Explain production defects you have identified in the project?
14.Explain deferred defects with examples?
15.Who will prepare sign off/Release Note/Test Summary report in your project?
16.Tell me one of the critical defects you have identified in your project?
17.Tell me last 3 defects you have identified in the project?
18.How many defects you can identify per day?
19.What are the differences between mistake, error, bug, defect and failure?
20.Explain environment related defects in your project?
21.What are entry criteria to start Test execution?
22.What are exit criteria to stop test execution?
23.Tell me differences between Manual execution and Automation execution?
24.Your dev team is not able to fix defect in current release? Then how you’re testing handles this scenario?
25.Your BA/Dev asked to increase Test coverage in last minute then how your team face this scenario?
26.Suddenly one your team member went on long sick leave, but client asked your team to complete the testing as per Test schedule.. Then how to overcome this scenario?
27.Client is expecting more regression coverage then how to increase the test execution coverage?
28.Dev team failed to give new build according to the Test schedule? Then what will you do?
29.Tell me some of the show stopper defects from your project?
30.You have identified a defect but developer is not agreeing with this defect? then what will you do?
31.Dev is your close friend, you have identified a critical defect, if you log this defect..That may impact your fried.. so he requested you, not to log the defect? What will you do?
32.What do you mean by Duplicated defect?
33.When we will reopen the defects?
34.Do you have any knowledge any defect tracking Tool other than QC?
35.Explain TRIAGE team?
36.One defect is in in progress state from long time? Then what will you do?
37.How to link the defects to Test cases and requirement using QC?
38.Give me examples for High severity and Low priority defects?
39.Give me examples for Low severity and High priority defects?
40.How many defects you have identified till date?
41.Explain Test case execution procedure in your project?
42.If environment is down then what will you do?
43.Who will involve in deploying the build in your current project?
44.Tell me how you deploy the build in QA server?
45.Do you have control on UAT and Production environments? if not why?
46.What do you mean by configuration management?
47.Do you have any knowledge on Version controlling Tools like SVN, clear case
48.Client has not given you the complete requirements but asking you to execute the Test cases? Then what will you do?
49.What is Risk Based execution/Risk Based Testing?
50.When you accept the build from dev team to start execution?
51.Tell me the differences between Regression testing and retesting?
52.Tell me the differences between adhoc testing and exploratory testing?
53.Tell me the differences between smoke testing and Sanity Testing
54.Tell me the differences between scripted testing and exploratory testing?
55.Tell me the differences between structured testing and non structured testing?
56.What is the objective of Regression testing?
57.What is the objective of smoke testing?
58.What is the objective of Exploratory Testing?
59.Explain about sanity Regression testing?
60.Explain about bug exploratory testing?
61.Explain about feature sanity testing?
62.Have you involved in Regression testing? If yes explain how you selected Regression suite for each release? And tell me last 3 critical defects you have identified while doing Regression testing?
63.Have you involved in exploratory testing? If yes explain defects which you have identified while doing exploratory testing? And tell me your exploratory approach in current project?
64.Have you involved smoke testing? If yes, explain your smoke testing criteria in current project?
65.Give me one practical difference between your smoke test approach and sanity test approach?
66.How much % of test cases in your project are using for Regression?
67.Is Full regression possible? If not tell me how identify regression suite in your project?
68.Automation testing is strong candidate for Regression testing? Explain the above statement?
69.When we can start Regression testing?
70.When we can start exploratory testing?
71.When we can start Smoke testing?
72.When we can start sanity testing?
73.Is retesting useful to check the stability of Application?
74.How much % of Regression is not automated? Why?
75.Role-Smoke, Regression, Exploratory?
76.Interview Questions on Test case Design?
77.What are the differences between Test Scenario and Test case?
78.Explain differences between Test case and Test script?
79.Explain about your Test case template?
80.Explain how you design test cases in QC?
81.Explain Test case design procedure in your project?
82.Explain your Project Test Approach?
83.Explain what are the documents required to design the test cases?
84.How you decide on "How many test cases are enough"?
85.What is the benefit of maintaining requirement Traceability?
86.How test plan is helpful to you for writing test cases?
87.How many test cases you can design per day?
88.If you identify any gap in requirement then what will you do?
89.What is the purpose of reviewing the test cases?
90.Explain Test case review procedure in the project?
91.Explain differences between Peer Review and Formal Review?
92.Do you follow any guidelines while creating test cases?
93.Have you involved in Test case review? if yes tell me one of review comment you have identified till now?
94.How you write test cases for Pen, Note pad, Mobile, Pen drive, Elevator, Triangle, DOB, Login page, Sign off, Change PWD, Cricket s/w....
95.Your client is asking you to write test cases without giving proper requirements? or with incomplete requirements? Then how you design test cases?
96.What is the benefit of maintaining Test case design techniques?
97.Explain below test case design techniques
·         Equivalence partitioning
·         Boundary Value Analysis
·         Error guessing
·         Decision table
98.What is the importance of Test data while creating test cases?
99.Explain your project smoke test cases?
100.       Explain how you select regression suite for your project?
101.       Explain Test coverage?
102.       Currently you are working on web Application testing?
103.       Where you have 3 layers presentation layer, Application and Db....which component is most important?
104.       Explain different type of test cases in your project?
105.       How many test cases you have designed till now?
106.       Tell me diff between EQP and BVA?
107.       Tell me critical test cases for Banking website, Face book, IRCTC, Shopping portal?
108.       What is Negative testing? Explain Negative test cases?
109.       What is a difference between Test cases created for system testing and UAT testing?
110.       What are the various test case design tools?
111.       How to upload a test case from excl to QC?
112.       How to upload a test case to JIRA?
113.       Do you have experience in creating Back end test cases? if yes explain few test cases?
114.       Do you have experience in creating test cases for Mobile Apps? If yes explain few test cases?
115.       Explain one critical test case you have created till now?
116.       What will you do if test data is not available?
117.       What are the characteristics of good test cases?
118.       Explain Reusable test cases?
119.       What is Test suite?
120.       What are the benefits of maintaining good test cases in project?
121.       How to improve the quality of a test case?
122.       What is difference between Manual Test case and Automation script?
123.       What is difference between Functional test case and Perf test script?
124.       Why we need test cases?
125.       Why we need test case review?
126.       Why we need Requirement Analysis?
127.       How many test cases we will get to test below requirement?
128.       Field  1 ,Field 2, Field 3 are mandatory to login
129.       Why traceability is important in the project?
130.       While you reporting bug, at application Company LOGO is reverse how will report?